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lawrence 03-18-2016 11:37 AM

One step closer?
So FCA is bringing a Neon to Mexico and chances are this is just part of the effort to launch a vehicle successfully in a market it'll have the most success, then on to Canada and the United States. Since a Chrysler 100 would most likely share a platform and proportions with the Neon, this can be seen as us getting 1 step closer to see the 100 happen.

Maybe we'll see something at this years New York Auto Show.

berkshire 04-08-2016 11:32 AM

It is since most car makers have that dependency before going forward with a certain project. This sets the stage for the 100, so yes you can see this as them making progress towards the 100. But unfortunately I haven't seen them mention anything about developing the 100 as of recent, only mention has been around the 200.

We have to keep on waiting.

Dennis 08-13-2017 01:37 PM

Looking at this, Chrysler 100 would really make a lovely car.. shame.

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